Oddity Museum

January 7th, 2010

John Strong has a traveling museum consisting of a combination of live and preserved oddities. At any given time, there are approximately two to three dozen distinct oddities in the museum collected from around the globe. Of these, at least seven are alive. Some, but not all of the attractions, include:

  • Dwarf brown paint horse less than 20” tall
  • Betty Lou the Six Legged Cow, the only two body cow in the entire world.
  • Two Headed Cow, Nosey Rosey, the only one in the world. Other two headed animals include a live two headed turtle named “Pete and Repete”, a two-faced Kitty named “Ping and Pong” and a two headed goat.
  • Long Neck Turtle
  • Double Trouble the Two Headed Rattlesnake
  • Four Tailed Iguana
  • Five Legged Yorkie Puppy
  • Five Legged Salamander
  • Three different El Chupacabra specimens (from Mexico, Texas and Puerto Rico)
  • Two Headed Kitty
  • Cyclops Pig
  • Albino & Burmese Pythons
  • Giant 8′ Mummy
  • World’s largest traveling collection of real pickled punks (preserved freak animals in jars)
  • Life Size Feejee Mermaid (One of the ORIGINAL Fiji mermaids)
  • Alligator Boy (Half human / half alligator)